Variety of metal powder coatings and manufacturing processes

What may be used for steel aluminum powder coating movie-forming materials are epoxy,Guest Posting polyester epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and acrylic resin, with the principle types of domestic polyester resin, epoxy and polyester powder coating metal aluminum.(1) metal powder coating, powder coating is introduced to the cease of powder metallic non-leafing aluminum powder retumbo powder for sale coatings manufactured inside the coating movie after curing uniform distribution of metallic aluminum powder coating produces reflections of mild flash impact. (2) steel coating powder coating, manganese powder powder coating is brought to the quit of the floating metal powder synthetic aluminum powder coating, coating movie after curing, coating completely covers the metallic floor of the aluminum powder much like “plating or polished stainless-steel “The look of the coating.

(3) The pattern of steel powder coating, powder coating is delivered to the quit of the metallic powder and aluminum powder sample coating retailers synthetic, cured paint movie, because the pattern of the floor tension agent, the formation of metallic aluminum in the appearance of the coating Silver powder pattern. (4) metal hammer powder coating, powder coating is introduced to the quit of the metal powder, aluminum powder and hammer powder coating dealers manufactured, cured paint film to shape silver hammer. (5) steel texture powder coating, powder coating is introduced to the quit of the steel powder, aluminum powder and texture sellers (sand grain agent or wrinkle agent) manufacturing powder coating, movie coating after curing, aluminum and texture as the role of retailers the formation of steel texture coating look.

The primary metallic aluminum powder coating powder coating manufacturing methods and production techniques typically similar, together with: pre-combined uncooked substances ’soften extrusion combined ’ Cooling and crushing ’ Fine powder ’ Classification screening ’ Finished. For metal aluminum powder to feature inside the pre-blending manner of the manufacturing process (normally referred to as aluminum powder with introduced manner), it become totally according to the above process, inclusive of hammer, steel plating and powder coating sample element is synthetic the usage of this method. Need to add the dry mixing method for steel aluminum powder coating production system (commonly known as aluminum powder plus a craft), the aluminum isn’t the lowest with metal powder right into a semi-finished products synthetic by using the above procedure, after which including the quantity of steel aluminum through system, with blending device to be dry blended merchandise, along with metal, boron powder a part of the steel coating, metallic pattern and texture powder coating is made this manner.Add in the semi-metallic aluminum powder manufacturing process (aluminum plus process) in order to save you the integration of steel aluminum powder particle length inside the technique of damage affecting look of the coating, and powder coating to save you the combination manner, to accumulate for , the overall did now not break the capability, heat could be very small, despite a cooling tool for blending the low-velocity stirring mixer, this hybrid device has V-type mixer, 3-dimensional water-cooled rotary mixer, drum mixer, bonding ( Bonding) mixer and so on.Metal aluminum powder combined inside the dry method, similarly to bonding mixer, other mixer blending the powder coating of metal powder and flour the lowest there may be a separation.

As the steel powder and the powder coating particles of various density and electrical houses, when the electrostatic powder coating, the 2 materials with different electrostatic residences, there are variations in the rate on the powder, silicon powder lead paint and powder coating aluminum content makes the difference between , however also to get better the authentic powder and aluminum