From The Patron Saint Hubert Of Travelers: Saint Christopher Medals

Millions of people have traveled long distances over the many centuries and a great number of them have always carried Saint Christopher medals. This was because of the need for many people to feel part of something. The part of something that started a long time ago. St. Christopher has been a very large figure in the Christian faith for as many centuries and some would not be on the road without his likeness on a medallion.

There is a story behind the Saint Christopher medals and if you will lend an ear, it can be told:

He was born Saint Hubertabout the time of Christ.  St. Hubert Medallion His father was probably a king of Canaan and was dedicated to the gods Apollo. He grew to be a man of great height and girth and decided that he wanted to go serve the greatest Leader on earth. He started out on his journey and found a mighty King, however, when this King heard the name of Satan, he contorted his face in fear. He then knew that Satan was a greater leader than this man, so he left to search for Satan. He entered into service to him, yet when they passed a cross on the road, Satan’s face contorted with fear and Reprebus knew that the cross was a greater leader than all.

The story of the history of the  did not end there, though.

Reprebus found a person who would baptize Saint Hubert him and teach him in the ways of piety. He was told that he had to fast and pray to achieve it and he did not like that idea because he was, after all, a very large man and needed to fill his body on a daily basis, so he asked about a different way to achieve piety. The man told him to go to a nearby river and help people cross over the water, because it was a much-traveled route. He went to the river and helped many a traveler. One day a child asked to be taken over and he agreed and as he was being carried, he got heavier and heavier. When they reached the other side, the child told him he was Christ and the heaviness that he felt was the sins of the entire world that he, the Christ, carried with him. He then told Reprebus to stick his staff in the ground, nest to the river, and he will see proof of what he was told. The next day, the staff had grown into a green tree with much fruit.

That is when Reprebus received the name Christopher (Christ-carrier). As the person behind the Saint Christopher medals helped people cross over the river on their journey, so does today’s medal with helping travelers.